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This is it guys. SGB has been sold and new owner will start soon. Welcome Matt Sellers to the firearms family. And it is a family. I will miss you guys. Miss all the bids and good conversation. It is time for some young blood. I am getting old and lazy and bid like I don't care if I get it, in some cases. Matt is young and wants to win every bid like I did when I started. This will be good for SGB. Treat him well and he will do the same for you. I am going to be standing right behind him so don't try to take advantage of the new guy. I will miss you guys. You have been good to me. Thanks for everything. There is a lot of good guns getting ready to come on the site. 


Mark Kitterman


Get them while you can. We now have some new AR mags in stock. There are the MFT, Mod II military grade polymer mags with a lifetime warranty for $13.50. Also have some Schmeisser M60 mags that hold 60 rds of 5.56 for $69.00. We get these through Davidsons so have a lifetime relacement warranty. 

Our Line of Firearms Include
  • Handguns
  • Rifles
  • Shotguns
  • Remington
  • Glocks
  • H & K™
  • Smith & Wesson™
  • Sig Sauer™
  • Beretta™
  • Ruger™
  • Browning
  • Bushmaster
  • Winchester
  • Colt
  • Military guns
  • Old & new




Contact us for more information on our line of firearms, including all types of guns and rifles!

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Mon. through Thurs., 9a.m. – 7 p.m.

Friday 9a.m. to

All firearms have to be shipped to a dealer in your state. You will do the final paper work there. All we need is a FFL (federal firearms license) for the dealer you want to receive it and a form of payment. FFL can be faxed or emailed. You can mail in payment or call with credit card. Cards add 3%. 

Customer Satisfaction
   At Summit Gun Broker, we are working all the time to find bigger and better deals so we provide a better selection at better prices. As most dealers know in this business there is no such thing as buy wholesale and sell retail. It  is a cut throat market. That is way we are always trying to work direct with the manufactures to cut out the middle man.
This is why we are now rated a Master Dealer with Sig Sauer. Of course the main part of our business is working with law enforcement contracts.  We buy groups of guns large or small. From duty gun such as handguns, sniper rifles, riot guns, machine guns, and piles of evidence guns.

   All guns are sold in compliance with ATF regulations. Firearms have to be shipped to a FFL licensed dealer. We ship handguns Priority Mail. Long guns and ammo ship Fedex.  Payment can me mailed in or you can call with a credit card. Cards add 3%. There is a 3 day inspection on all used guns. Refunds for price of gun only, not shipping. New guns are backed by the factory warranty. 

   I got my first Federal Firearms License in 1977 and have done this a long time. I don't claim to know everything about all guns but a lot of guns have passed through my hands. I will never quit learning even if I learn a slower now.

The time has come to pass the torch. Retirement is sneaking up on me and I am ready. I want to be done by the time I am 65. I have talked to my investment advisor and a business broker but I believe their price was a little high.  Before I list it will try on my own. If you want information contact me. You will get a business that is up and running and does very well. It is a gun nuts dream. I will be glad to advise the new owner as long as he needs me. I have several ideas of how to make the business much larger if someone wants. 

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Hunting - Contact us for more information on our line of firearms, including all types of guns and rifles!

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